Our Social Responsibility

Sustainability is playing a major role for the Nemetschek Group. We aim to grow continuously – sustainably. We aim to find and keep the best employees. And we aim to develop the best products, which help to efficiently use resources.

The Nemetschek Group is organized as a strategic holding company with operating subsidiaries. With more than 2,500 employees around the world, this holding structure allows the individual brands to act in an entrepreneurial way and entertain close relations with their customers. At the same time, this means that the group is very diverse in terms of culture, market and management approach of the different brands. This structure fosters innovations and is one of our most important strengths. We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously and have therefore identified four topic areas that we in particular would like to advance, throughout the entire group.


Human rights and prevention of corruption

Our goal: The Nemetschek Group pursues a preventative compliance approach and strives to achieve a corporate culture in which employees are made aware of and trained on compliance issues.

Prevention of discrimination
Our goal: The Nemetschek Group expects its employees to act fairly and respectfully both within the company as well as towards third parties.
Group-wide measures: Compliance training, Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct
Our common goal at Nemetschek is to shape a globally leading company that creates sustained added value for employees, business partners, shareholders and the company itself.

Our firm commitment is the worldwide recognition of Nemetschek as a responsible company with high ethical and legal standards.

The common basis for our activities is our corporate culture. It is reflected in fair and respectful dealings between colleagues and with third parties, and is characterized by performance, open communication, integrity, trust and the protection of natural resources.

We have summarized these principles in the Code of Conduct of the Nemetschek Group. This code is binding for all employees in the Nemetschek Group regardless of their function or position in the group. Constant observance of the company's values and their application to all activities is a demonstration of a commitment to our corporate culture and secures the long-term success of our company.

Further information can be found in the Annual Report 2018 starting on page 50.


Attracting and retaining employees
Our goal: Creation of attractive working conditions and a positive working environment in order to recruit and retain the best talent.

Health management
Our goal: Sustainable promotion of health among employees.

Education and training
Our goal: Continuous training of employees, for their and for the companies benefit.

Sustainable Product Stewardship

Our goal: The Nemetschek Group aims to achieve a positive environmental impact with its products and solutions.

Social Issues

Cooperations with universities
Our goal: We aim to be present at all major universities in the core markets and to teach students at an early stage how buildings and infrastructures can be sustainably planned, built and managed using open standards.

Customer satisfaction
Our goal: The Nemetschek Group develops its products closely tied to the market and the customers and strives to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.